Alta Lodge Utah Wedding | Keely & Darren

I can’t tell you how much I love working at Alta Lodge on a wedding day, but just know it’s a lot. I look forward to my weddings here every year, and I’ve been VERY lucky to shoot a wedding here at least once a year for the last 3 years. And I know I’ll be there again this year in July! Hooray!

Their day was full of memorable moments. The weather was absolutely perfect for mid-September (you never know with our crazy Utah mountains!) and they were surrounded by loved ones all day long.

 alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0424alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0425I loved all of these custom hangers for the bridesmaids.  alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0426alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0462alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0427alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0428alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0429alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0430alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0431Groom's reaction to seeing his Bride during their First Look. | Alta Lodge Utah wedding. Whitney Hunt Photographyalta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0432alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0433alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0435alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0436Alta Lodge Utah Wedding. Whitney Hunt Photographyalta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0437alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0438alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0423alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0466alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0439alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0465alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0440alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0467alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0441alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0442alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0443Quick little note – the cakes that Alta Lodge provides (via Cakes de Fleur) are hands down the BEST wedding cakes that I’ve had! One of the reasons I’m always so excited to shoot at the Lodge again is so I can get more of that delicious cake!Rustic buttercream wedding cake for an early fall wedding in the mountains. | Alta Lodge Utah Wedding. Whitney Hunt Photographyalta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0445This moment was so incredibly sweet – sometimes the father of the bride’s First Look is better than the groom’s. He had all of the bridesmaids in tears.Sometime's the Father of the Bride's reaction is better than the Groom's. First Look. | Alta Lodge Utah Wedding. Whitney Hunt Photographyalta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0446alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0447alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0448alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0449alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0450Upcycle an old pallet and use it to annouce your wedding day timeline. | Alta Lodge Utah Wedding. Whitney Hunt Photographyalta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0451alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0452alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0453alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0454Oh the polaroid photobooth. Mix that with the open bar and you have some hilarious pictures (many perfect for blackmail…)alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0444alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0461alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0455Bride & Groom's first dance. | Alta Lodge Utah Wedding. Whitney Hunt Photographyalta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0459alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0457alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0456alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0458alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0460alta-lodge-utah-wedding-photo_0472

Alta Lodge Utah Wedding | Keely & Darren