Amanda & Brandon’s Albion Basin First Look

We all know how much I love a First Look. And this one, THIS ONE! Oh, I wish every session that I photograph could be like this. Amanda has that perfect “no-smile smile” if you know what I mean (and even if you don’t know what I mean, you shall soon find out). And Brandon just couldn’t keep his eyes off of her… which I something that I absolutely love to photograph. And Albion Basin in the peak of summer green? They couldn’t have chosen a better location.

One of the funny quirks with this First Look is that I had a little assistant with me. My 4 year old came along, because our babysitter didn’t work out, but what is more fun to have around than a little girl that is OBSESSED with princesses when a photographing a bride? She talked about Amanda and her beautiful dress and beautiful hair for a long time after this. And she did a pretty good job of letting Mom do her job too. An Albion Basin First Look. Prepare yourselves.

albion-basin-first-look-photo_0056albion-basin-first-look-photo_0057albion-basin-first-look-photo_0058Yes, this is the moment that you hope for when photographing a First Look! albion-basin-first-look-photo_0059albion-basin-first-look-photo_0060It took Brandon a while to be ready for pictures because he couldn’t stop staring at her and telling her how beautiful she looked.albion-basin-first-look-photo_0070albion-basin-first-look-photo_0061Oh Amanda, get out!albion-basin-first-look-photo_0071albion-basin-first-look-photo_0063albion-basin-first-look-photo_0064albion-basin-first-look-photo_0065albion-basin-first-look-photo_0066Albion Basin first look photo in Little Cottonwood Canyon.albion-basin-first-look-photo_0067albion-basin-first-look-photo_0068Albion Basin first look photo in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Amanda & Brandon’s Albion Basin First Look