Big Cottonwood Canyon | Brianna & Logan | Utah Mountain Engagement Session

Brianna and Logan were married in April 2017. They wanted snowy mountains for their engagement session and we met in Big Cottonwood Canyon (because Utah has the Greatest Snow on Earth – didn’t you know?) at the snow covered Jordan Pines Campground area. These two are two of the most giggly, snuggly people I’ve met! So many happy smiles and laughs from them (you can tell when they really are smiling because both of their eye disappear). And their love story is so cute! Here’s how it goes…

The Love Story

They met four years ago as freshmen at BYU. While they loved spending time together, each of them were both preparing for missions… so they didn’t let things get TOO serious. Bri says, “more than anything we were best friends and did everything together”. So then the mission calls came (Logan to Denmark – Brianna to Argentina). They wrote throughout their missions but communication kind of faded, as is pretty normal to happen.

They decided to not come home in an official relationship because they each said they wanted to date other people. So they tried it and it was fine, but they realized that they really just wanted to be together! Starting to date again was fun because Brianna said, “we got to rediscover each other and become best friends again.” Eventually they both knew they wanted to get married. They chose a ring and Logan proposed in a special spot that they had together.

Their freshman year they lived in housing which doesn’t allow people from the opposite sex in the apartment after 10pm. In order to see each other at night they met up at a bench that was half way between each of their apartments. The bench is also the place where they had their first kiss. When Logan proposed he took Brianna out for the night then during the date he blindfolded Bri and lead her to “their” bench. When he took the blindfold off, he was down on one knee in front of the bench, which he had decorated with lights around it and a sign asking “Marry me?” She said yes!


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