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Wild Pups and a Pregnant Belly | Christmas Mini Session

This session makes me happy on so many levels.  Tyler and Ashley were my very first couple that I photographed two and a half years ago when they were newly engaged. Now they’re expecting a baby girl and have two of the cutest, wildest critters under the sun! I’ve always loved German Shepherd and I…

Utah Maternity Photographer | Becca and Family +1

Let me just take a moment to introduce you to my beautiful friend Becca.  There is a lot that I could say about Becca… she’s my neighbor, my running partner (when we actually run… and it’s been a little while, just so you know), my photography mentor, my pedicure pal and has been a very…

Utah Maternity Photographer – With a Pumpkin

Utah Maternity Photographer “How should I stand?  What do I do with my hands?!”  She was looking at me with a face that I’ve seen on almost every photo shoot that I’ve been on – that look of embarrassment that borders near panic.  Luckily it was me behind the camera.  Me, Whitney, that she’s known…

Tracee & Justin

I had so much fun taking these pictures.  Justin and I have been friends since junior high, and Tracee – why weren’t we friends in high school??  Oh yeah, because I was weird.  But that’s another story for another time.  Let’s just enjoy the pictures, shall we?