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Paris Travel – Day 5

I’ve said this in all of my Paris posts, but it needs to be said again – there is SO much walking to be done when you are a tourist in Paris! The city is too great to miss, and you have to explore as much as you can. Here we are on Day 5….

My Katie

This isn’t normal for me to be sharing, but my oldest daughter (I have two) recently turned 8 and we took some time to document the occasion. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the 8th birthday is a big deal. Katie wants to be baptized and will be tomorrow….

My Personal Family Pictures

Sharing these because you should be able to see my family and the chaos that family pictures is with a 22 month old. And also to show the location – these were done in the middle of November and it was still green and beautiful for pictures. Shot by AKSD.

Yes, There’s a Gap

Oh hi. You might notice that there haven’t been many blog posts over the last year and a half. The reason for that is that I was contracted as an exclusive associate photographer for AK Studio & Design. That contract has recently changed, and while I’ll still be photographing weddings for AKSD, I will also…

Hunt Family Vacation | Disneyland Details

When you turn 30 years old and your husband offers a big party or a trip to Disneyland, what would you choose? If we are going to be friends at all, you would say DISNEYLAND without hesitation.  This trip was fantastic! Our most fun yet! And while I’ll not recount everything we did, I will…

Hunt Family Vacation | Our Day in Newport

We recently returned from a family vacation to southern California.  The purpose of the trip? Disneyland for my BIG 30TH BIRTHDAY!  But our first day there was a Sunday. And we chose a Sunday activity of driving out to Newport Beach to walk on the pier. We watched the surfers for a while and enjoyed…

My Katie Turns Three

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.  We went out for a quick photo shoot up in the Daybreak area, since it’s really close to our house.  Every day we drive passed this sign that has a big K in it and she has been pointing it out to me a lot lately, so I wanted to…