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Paris Travel – Day 6

This is it. Our last day in Paris. And boy, did we ever cram EVERYTHING in this day. Everything that was left on our list of things that we wanted to see, we saw today. And it was full! Lots of different types of public transportation today. The bus, the metro and the RER train….

Paris Travel – Day 5

I’ve said this in all of my Paris posts, but it needs to be said again – there is SO much walking to be done when you are a tourist in Paris! The city is too great to miss, and you have to explore as much as you can. Here we are on Day 5….

Paris Travel – Day 4

So much walking to be done when in Paris. We started the morning with walking from our hotel to the Luxembourg Gardens where we saw only a small part. The pond, the Medici Fountain, the palace. Then we walked up the street to the Pantheon building. The building is beautiful and the crypt was fun…

Paris Travel – Day 3 – Disneyland Paris

It is really easy to get to Disneyland Paris from the city. Just a metro ride to the RER train line (which was BUSY and crazy and I got my butt touched a few times), but the line ends at the park and you are there! I wish I would have taken better pictures of…

Paris Travel – Day 2

Today we did all of the walking. And ALL of the stairs. Why we thought we could climb to the top of Notre Dame and also the Arc de Triomphe on the same day (plus the walking we day all day long between sights) is beyond me. I’ll just put it down to a rookie…

Paris Travel – Day 1

I hope you’ll indulge me and let me post about my anniversary trip to Paris. It was my first time across the Atlantic and my first time to a foreign country where Spanish wasn’t the language. It was also our first time leaving our girls for longer than a night together. Lots of firsts. And…

The Cutest Pregnancy Announcement EVER

The Cutest Pregnancy Announcement EVER This is HANDS DOWN the cutest way to announce a pregnancy ever! Maybe I’m biased because Bri is a former #whitneyhuntbride, and is also an incredibly talented artist that designs the prettiest invitations EVER, plus she’s been a model for me when I needed it. So yes, I am biased…