Hendry House Wedding | Arlington, VA | Christy & JJ

I don’t know if I can adequately put into words the love that I have for this wedding. I had been waiting for it to come for over a year and a half and then suddenly, after a 4 hour flight – it was FINALLY HERE! I was going to apologize for the 90+ photos that go along with this post and then decided that I didn’t care. This is what you get from a wedding that has been looked forward to for so long that also includes my first trip back East and into our Nation’s Capitol.

I was greeted at the hotel with a bag from the bride and groom.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0008Filled with snacks to keep me going for the next 48 hours…hendry-house-wedding-photo_0021hendry-house-wedding-photo_0022

The morning came quickly (that 2 hour time difference from home would catch up with me in the end. I had 2 days of jet-lag to contend with once I was back home).  And I meet the bride and the girls in her room.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0023hendry-house-wedding-photo_0024hendry-house-wedding-photo_0025Bridal artisty makeup application in the morning.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0009hendry-house-wedding-photo_0027hendry-house-wedding-photo_0028

Then checked in with the boys.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0010hendry-house-wedding-photo_0029hendry-house-wedding-photo_0030hendry-house-wedding-photo_0031hendry-house-wedding-photo_0032hendry-house-wedding-photo_0033hendry-house-wedding-photo_0011hendry-house-wedding-photo_0034hendry-house-wedding-photo_0035hendry-house-wedding-photo_0036hendry-house-wedding-photo_0037hendry-house-wedding-photo_0038hendry-house-wedding-photo_0039

This First Look – I just had to post all of them. It was the sweetest.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0040

THEN!!! We loaded in to the limo (the stretch Hummer limo!) and went to the Lincoln Memorial for bridal party pictures.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0012Wedding bridal party photos at the Lincoln Memorial.

A little helpful hint, for all of your tourists, go around to the back of the Memorial. It is NOT busy and has some beautiful views.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0092Wedding photos at the Lincoln Memorial.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0043hendry-house-wedding-photo_0044Bridal party photos at the Lincoln Memorial.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0046hendry-house-wedding-photo_0047hendry-house-wedding-photo_0048hendry-house-wedding-photo_0049

We interrupt this wedding post to bring you a tourist picture of me with Abe.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0013hendry-house-wedding-photo_0050Bride and groom photos with the Washington Monument.

Oh, let’s not forget the flash mob that the bride and groom joined!hendry-house-wedding-photo_0052

Then it was on to the Hendry House in Arlington to get ready for the ceremony (and party).hendry-house-wedding-photo_0053hendry-house-wedding-photo_0054hendry-house-wedding-photo_0065hendry-house-wedding-photo_0016hendry-house-wedding-photo_0055

The beautiful thing about doing a First Look is all of the time before the ceremony for pictures together! I can’t recommend it enough to all of my brides. Also, this almost kiss is one of the greatest.Hendry house wedding photo of bride and groom.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0056Hendry House wedding photo in Arlington, VA with the bride and groom.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0057hendry-house-wedding-photo_0059hendry-house-wedding-photo_0060hendry-house-wedding-photo_0061hendry-house-wedding-photo_0063hendry-house-wedding-photo_0064

Here comes the bride…hendry-house-wedding-photo_0066hendry-house-wedding-photo_0067hendry-house-wedding-photo_0068hendry-house-wedding-photo_0069hendry-house-wedding-photo_0070hendry-house-wedding-photo_0071hendry-house-wedding-photo_0020hendry-house-wedding-photo_0072

You did it! Ha ha ha, Christy, I love you!hendry-house-wedding-photo_0073

Time for drinks…Hendry house wedding photo in Arlington, VA.


and some cornhole…hendry-house-wedding-photo_0077hendry-house-wedding-photo_0078

while we waited for dinner to be set up.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0079

There were some killer introductions.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0080hendry-house-wedding-photo_0081hendry-house-wedding-photo_0082

And the sweetest First Dance (and we’ll just leave out the part about me realizing second before the dance was to start that I was out of memory on my card in my camera and a new card was up in the Bride’s Room… the worst 3 minutes of my life right there as I told everyone to HOLD IT and I sprinted as fast as I could into the house and up the stairs and back again…)hendry-house-wedding-photo_0018Hendry House wedding photo. Arlington, VA

Dinner was served and after it was time to get the party started!hendry-house-wedding-photo_0084hendry-house-wedding-photo_0074hendry-house-wedding-photo_0017

You know you’ve got a good party when there are selfies….hendry-house-wedding-photo_0086a good crowd…hendry-house-wedding-photo_0087ice cream…hendry-house-wedding-photo_0095and the most intense dance-off I’ve ever seen. hendry-house-wedding-photo_0089Let’s not forget the star of the dancing hour(s) – Preston! Before and After. hendry-house-wedding-photo_0090

And many thanks to the mad skills of Julio.hendry-house-wedding-photo_0091I think we’ll end with this.Hendry House wedding photo at night. Arlington, VA.

Many thanks to all of the great vendors involved!

Flowers: Taffy Floral
DJ: Julio Falcon from Black Tie Entertainment
Catering: R&R Catering
Tent and Dance Floor: A Grand Event Rentals
Dress: BHLDN
Makeup and Hair: Bridal Artistry
Hendry House Wedding | Arlington, VA | Christy & JJ