Hunt Family Vacation | Disneyland Details

When you turn 30 years old and your husband offers a big party or a trip to Disneyland, what would you choose? If we are going to be friends at all, you would say DISNEYLAND without hesitation.  This trip was fantastic! Our most fun yet! And while I’ll not recount everything we did, I will tell you that I ate a corndog or two, hugged Pluto and Mickey, rode Star Tours and Big Thunder and Tower of Terror and Radiator Springs Racers and ate more of my favorite park foods. It was pretty great. A lot of rides were closed because of the time of year we were there. No Splash Mountain. No Peter Pan. But it was still great. And wonderful. And magical.

disneyland-photo_0172disneyland-photo_0173disneyland-photo_0174disneyland-photo_0175disneyland-photo_0176disneyland-photo_0177I loved my birthday pin!