Indian Ukrainian Heritage Session | Marlie + Igor

I don’t even know how to describe this session. What would you call it? We called it a family session, but it was so much MORE than that. If you’ve been around my blog, you’ve already seen these two from their engagement session and bridal session. But I’ll tell you all about them again.

Igor is from Ukraine. His family came over for the wedding and loved touring the Utah State Capitol building, so this was the place that we decided on for this session. Family pictures aren’t something that is done for Ukraine families, so it was exciting for them and I LOVED that they came in the traditional Ukrainian shirts. I don’t anything about what they represent or stand for or mean, but I loved them and the colors in them.

And then there is Marlie. Marlie’s grandma immigrated to the States when she was… wait I can’t remember now… 33? 36? But when she went to get legal in New York City, she passed for 19. Ha! She met a Texan and moved to the South. Marlie is 1/4 Indian and has the most beautiful skin and eyes. Her dad and I bonded over our native home of Eastern Idaho and he was there in a white shirt and tie, while the rest of his family were in more traditional Indian clothing. I ABSOLUTELY DIE over these pictures of Marlie in her sari. So the entire post is (almost) dedicated to her.

I’m not even SARI about it. *rimshot*

This session happened 3 days before the wedding, once all of the family was in town together (Marlie’s family from Texas and Igor’s family from Ukraine) and because everyone was together and they had such a unique mix, they decided to document the occasion with pictures. And I’m so glad that they did! I loved getting to work with their families and getting to know them and I was super sad that I was committed elsewhere on their wedding day because I wanted to hang out with them more.

Indian bride in a traditional sari at the Utah State Capitol.Indian bride in a red sari at the Utah State Capitol.Igor with his parents and little brother.Marlie with her parents and younger brothers.