Little Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session | Megan + Chris

Little Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

Little Cottonwood Canyon (and specifically the area around Alta Ski Resort) is one of my VERY FAVORITE places for pictures. The light during “golden hour” can not be beat. According to me. And what I like.

I met Megan on a wedding day in April. She was the florist for my husband’s little sister and I talked to her while she was setting up for the reception. We exchanged information so that I could send her images of her work from the First Look we had done, and from the wedding day when the gallery was ready. (I love connecting with other Utah wedding vendors!) When Megan was newly engaged a couple of months later, she reached out to me and I am so happy that she did!

About the Couple – In Megan’s Words

“Chris and I met on Mutual. We never in a million years thought we would find someone on a dating app that we would one day marry. I almost didn’t give him a chance because after we matched I noticed that he lived in Salt Lake. His redeeming qualities were that he was good looking and a Utah State Aggie alumni like myself. (Mostly the latter though, because Aggie’s stick together!) Chris and I went on our first date in December of 2017. We went to dinner and hit it off immediately. We talked about all of our weird connections and how-did-we-not-meet-in-Logan?? The waiter had to come back several times to get our order. Each time we laughed because we still hadn’t even looked at the menu.

“Chris and I went out a few more times in December but it was after he come home from his family trip in January where we both missed each other and knew this was something that we both wanted to last. With the distance of Chris living in Salt Lake and me in Provo we have done our best to see each other as much as possible. When we are together we love doing fun things outside. We love going on weekend trips to St. George or into the mountains. Chris loves teaching me new things. One that he is particularly proud of is teaching me how to swim. (Seriously a phobia of mine, so it is actually a bid deal!) He taught me how to wake surf while in Lake Powell, but he is anxiously waiting to take me mountain biking and skiing. I have convinced Chris that Target is heaven and Costco pizza is the best pizza in all the land. I am still trying to find something I can teach him that will get him out of his comfort zone but still no luck. He is up for anything and I absolutely love that about him!”

Little Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session in Utah. Whitney Hunt Photography

Little Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session | Megan + Chris