Neffs Canyon Engagement Session | Alexis & Tyler

Neffs Canyon Engagement Session | Alexis & Tyler

DISCLAIMER: I love these two.

Alex & Tyler won a wedding giveaway with AK Studio & Design in January 2017 (in case you forgot, I was an associate for AKSD for all of 2017). They planned an August wedding and we met for their engagement session in April. We were instant best friends and I am so happy that they won and that I got to be their photographer! (It always helps when your bride creeps all of your Instagram before you meet and knows that you love Mexican Coke and Oreos… and then shows up to their session with them for me!) We met at Neff’s Canyon in Holladay. It’s a fun, quieter canyon and is always nice and green earlier than the Cottonwood canyons… and it’s easier to find fantastic spots to get great pictures!

They love to laugh together – as I came to know first hand during their engagement session. Just always smiling and laughing, at each other… and at me! And just wait until you see Alex’s HAIR! It is so curly and so beautiful!

How They Met

Tyler and Alex met in their ward at BYU (singles wards work!). He was her twin sister’s FHE partner. Alex thought he liked her twin but then one day he asked her out. She says, “I wasn’t really sure about how I felt about him at first, but our first date was awesome”.  She kept saying she was too busy to do anything when Tyler would ask, but he kept showing up at her apartment with sour cream and apple juice (what? Weird… but Alex says they are her two favorite things in the world). He would also ask if she had eaten anything and then would volunteer to take her out.

Alex says, “I started to really love his personality (and he is super good looking). We started to hang out everyday. Eventually, Tyler said, ‘I would really like it if you were my girlfriend.’ I didn’t say anything. I was going to be working all summer for EFY, so I really didn’t want a boyfriend. A week later though, I randomly said, “I guess I will be your girlfriend.” And the rest is history.”

Tyler proposed on January 3rd, 2017 in New Orleans (where Alex is from). He had an elaborate proposal planned out but Alex is a stinker and caught on and spied on him when he was setting up in a park near her family home.

She asked her family about it and they all got upset and said he’d been working so hard on it and not to say anything to him. The family went to the city that day and Tyler wanted to take a picture in front of Jackson Square. Alex’s sister had told Tyler that Alex knew of his plan, so he decided to spontaneously propose there! Such a fun memory!

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