Oquirrh Mountain Temple Bridal Session | Melanie + Chayston

Do you remember these two adorable kids from their great engagement session at the state Capitol? Be sure to check it out right HERE if you haven’t. Because now I’m going to tell you what both Melanie and Chayston love about the other when I asked them.

CHAYSTON – I love Melanie’s desire for a beautiful family, her sweet and generous heart that loves everyone she come in contact with, and her weird quirks that make us so compatible and loving towards one another. Her love of the gospel is a definite strength to me as well.

MELANIE – I love Chayston’s willingness to support our family. When looking for a husband, I’ve always made it important for him to get a long with my family. Watching him with my nieces and nephews always melts my heart. He has a strong love for the gospel which makes me want to be a better person. Also, he never cease to make me laugh!

And to finish it off about these two lovebirds, this is what they have to say about their wedding/marriage: “We are so excited to be married and to start the rest of our eternity together. We will have known each other for 8 months on our wedding day, but it feels like we’ve know each other for years. We are truly meant to be!”

So now let’s get to those pictures, shall we?

Dress: Latter Day Bride

Suit: Zara

Flowers: Alexis Lauren Floral

HMUA: Sadie Lauren