Paris Travel – Day 1

I hope you’ll indulge me and let me post about my anniversary trip to Paris. It was my first time across the Atlantic and my first time to a foreign country where Spanish wasn’t the language. It was also our first time leaving our girls for longer than a night together. Lots of firsts. And they all went amazing!

We landed at 9am on a Sunday morning. Got a taxi to our hotel with all of our luggage, checked in and first thing we did was go to the bakery around the corner for a croissant and a baguette. LIFE CHANGING BAGUETTES IN PARIS!

We were to meet up with a local couple that were willing to model for me, so we walked from our hotel (which was on the south side of the river, basically across from the Louvre) to the cafe near the Palais Royal. It was raining. It was windy. And it was wonderful to be in Paris!

We were exhausted after our red eye flight. We were back to our hotel early and fell asleep around 7:30pm.