Paris Travel – Day 3 – Disneyland Paris

It is really easy to get to Disneyland Paris from the city. Just a metro ride to the RER train line (which was BUSY and crazy and I got my butt touched a few times), but the line ends at the park and you are there! I wish I would have taken better pictures of how you walk up to the park and go under the Disneyland Paris Hotel to get the park entrance… but I didn’t. Disneyland (in California) is a special place for my husband and I and is always a favorite vacation spot. We are those Disney nerds that go as much as we can.

But Disneyland Paris is NOT the same as Disneyland. It lacked a lot of the magic that is felt at the original park. Its not the same, and a lot of things were closed down for the “off season” which was really odd to see. A lot of empty space are us as we walked. They also don’t have delicious treats like Disneyland does – no treat carts on every corner for a churro or a turkey leg or a corn dog. You guys, I need a treat when I’m walking around the park!

We went. And we wished that we had just spent the day in Paris instead. (But I can saw I went – and now I don’t ever have to go back.)

dI will give them this – their castle is BEAUTIFUL! And we loved the surprise of a dragon underneath!This may be my favorite picture from our whole trip – I’m the blurry blob in yellow in the bottom of the picture. Haha.Oh, here I am!Our oldest daughter LOVES Marie (from the Aristocats), so I waited for 30 minutes to get a picture with her… and this was the best we got. Ha.The Disneyland Paris Resort technically has two parks. We went to both. And didn’t need to. But the Ratatouille ride is really cute and fun – if you aren’t sensitive to motion sickness like I am.

After spending the day at this park, I can’t wait to go to Disneyland back in the states. I don’t know when that will happen. But I can’t wait for it TO happen!