Paris Travel – Day 5

I’ve said this in all of my Paris posts, but it needs to be said again – there is SO much walking to be done when you are a tourist in Paris! The city is too great to miss, and you have to explore as much as you can.

Here we are on Day 5. A morning walk on the Rue Cler – a market street that is supposedly closed to vehicles… but we saw plenty of delivery trucks on the road. It was empty, because hi – it’s November and cold and why are you on a market street early in the morning? We also got ripped off at the bakery and paid double for our pain au chocolates because we are Americans and can’t speak the language. But we did get some delicious fresh raspberries to eat with our overpriced breakfast pastries.

From Rue Cler we walked over to Les Invalides for a tour of the Army Museum and Napoleon’s Tomb. This was my husband’s FAVORITE thing that we did in Paris. (He will say that it was all his favorite, which is partly true, I guess – but for this part of the morning he had a huge smile on his face for everything he was seeing. He’s the type that likes to read the signs and learn the history and loves war history.) A normal picture looking from the top level down to the tomb doesn’t really show the scale. I sent Tyson down to stand on the edge so you could really get a since of how HUGE that thing is!Army Museum for my husband. Rodin Museum for me. I LOVE sculptures!My favorite piece called The Kiss.This one is great too. Called The Hand of God – it shows Adam and Eve being sculpted by the Maker.Rodin was friends with quite a few other artists, and had several paintings by the great impressionist artists hanging in his home. Van Gogh, Monet, Gaugin, etc.Oh, there he is! The Thinker.OK, I love him too.Rodin’s gardens are SO beautiful around his home. The fall colors were perfect.There’s my personal Thinker. Planning our last day and a half.Metro back to our hotel for lunch at the creperie next door to our hotel. Our lunch was SO good! Buckwheat crepes with egg and cheese and spinach (for me) and tomatoes (for him). Dessert crepe with chocolate for us both.Our afternoon/evening outing was to the Eiffel Tower up close. It was foggy and we couldn’t see the top. So that’s special.Him. Looking handsome.Me. A giant weirdo.After the Eiffel Tower we jumped onto the RER train for a stop and went to the Musee d’Orsay. The museum I had been looking forward to the most for my impressionist loving heart.A honestly almost started to cry when I saw this. Van Gogh is my favorite painter. And the Starry Night paintings are my favorite pieces of art.A little joke for my family. My dad has an affinity for Gaugin’s Tahitian scenes.There was a Picasso exhibit that we walked though… and uh, that guy was a PERV. Holy crap, the erotica art that we were unexpectedly viewing! My eyes!

Anyway, we were exhausted again and went back “home” to sleep – getting ready for our last day in Paris. (You can tell how tired I get throughout the day… the amount of pictures that tell the story of what we did becomes less and less.)