Paris Travel – Day 6

This is it. Our last day in Paris. And boy, did we ever cram EVERYTHING in this day. Everything that was left on our list of things that we wanted to see, we saw today. And it was full!

Lots of different types of public transportation today. The bus, the metro and the RER train. Today we experienced a lot of scammers and they definitely left a bad taste in my mouth for the areas that they were around.

Place des Vosges

The Bastille marker.One of the places that I was most looking forward to seeing. The Pere Lachaise Cemetery.Lots of famous people are buried here, so they have a map. Plus the place is huge.This is an odd bit of trivia for you: Jim Morrison (you know, of The Doors) is the most visited grave. More than Oscar Wilde or Edith Piaf or Chopin or a bunch of other big names that I can’t remember at the moment. People are strange…
Oh this picture shows our first round of harassment. Those guys that are closest in the picture are one of many scammers and they are pushy and annoying. I hated being around Sacre Coeuer. There were too many people harassing us and trying to scam us. But the chapel is BEAUTIFUL. They had a mass going on while we were visiting, so I don’t have any pictures inside. But it is a beautiful building and I enjoyed the inside a lot more than the chapel part of Notre Dame.I spy Notre Dame in the fog.From Montmartre, we caught a metro to the Opera Garnier. And all of my Phantom of the Opera dreams from the time I was in 2nd grade came true. Haha. (I don’t have pictures from the street because: scammers. I didn’t want to pull my big camera out around them – they just kept circling around and coming back to you after trying to talk to 3 or 4 people.)

What did we do have the Opera? Shopped at the famous Galleries Layfette for Disney stuff for our girls. 🙂 Took the metro home. During our ride back to the hotel an accordion player got onto our car and MADE OUR TRIP. It was so fun to experience! And felt so very French. We treated ourselves to a fancy French dinner for our last night. We had some incredible roast chicken with the most delicious creamy truffle pasta I have ever had IN MY LIFE. I still dream about it. It was so good. Plus the most incredible creme brûlée for dessert. After dinner we walked along the Seine, got a last look of Notre Dame lit up, and walked back right along the river.

Our trip was over. And it was incredible. I hope that I will never forget my first trip to Paris. And I hope to be back soon!