Pictures for a Christmas Card with Sophie & Shooter

I met Sophie and Shooter last year.  It looked a little something like this:park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0015Why I didn’t blog their session last year is beyond me.  Anyway, we met up again for another round of epic Christmas cards.  Our only goal this year? To find some freaking SNOW!! (What has been this crazy December in Utah?! No snow??) Or more accurately, find some snow that is accessible to dogs.  Did you know that there are several canyons in the area of the Salt Lake valley that are inaccessible to dogs?  I knew Little and Big Cottonwood canyons , but we also found out that Lambs, East and Emigration canyons are also off-limits. From those helpful canyon policemen that patrol the canyons. We finally found a tiny bit of snow in Park City and as we parked it started to snow.

This year was sure to be great. Just look at this glorious mustache!park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0008park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0005park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0004That Shooter is a handsome guy.park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0002park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0009park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0010

Nice dress, Sophie.park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0003park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0011park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0006park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0012park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0007park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0013park-city-winter-engagement-with-dogs-photo_0014

Until next year…