Provo City Center Temple First Look Session | Kensie + Jake

Kensie and Jake. A perfect match – even if it didn’t fit with Mackensie’s original plan to be getting married at 19. (This makes me laugh, because *I* did get married at 19.) You never would know that it was raining on and off all afternoon, even right up until we stepped outside for their First Look. I actually really love the shine and reflections (and the wet, clean looking concrete) that we captured during their session. Every thing worked out perfectly, and their session turned out so beautiful.

Jake was so excited and nervous to see his bride. And his reaction once he saw her was super sweet – getting in close, stepping back to take it all in, being overcome with the moment and exclaiming, “You’re mine!” and rushing back to gather her into his arms. (And then a fist pump right for the camera – hahahahaha.)

So let’s stop with the words and get to the pictures.

Dress: Bridal Brilliance Rentals

Hair and Makeup: Marisa Rose

Flowers: Around the Punch Bowl