Riverton Family Photographer | Main Street Midvale

These beautiful blue-eyed blondes are my sister and her cute girls.  The last year hasn’t been easy for these girls, but we love having them closer to us for playing at Grandma’s house!  We met on Main Street in Midvale.  It’s old and run down and not a place I would like to be after dark… but the character of these walls! I love the texture and grit. I’m a texture kind of girl for pictures.

riverton-family-photo_0031riverton-family-photo_0032Riverton family photo on Main Street in Midvale.riverton-family-photo_0033riverton-family-photo_0034riverton-family-photo_0035Riverton family photo on Main Street in Midvale, UT.Riverton family photo on Main Street in Midvale, UT.riverton-family-photo_0037riverton-family-photo_0038riverton-family-photo_0039riverton-family-photo_0030Ha ha… Carly’s face in this picture! riverton-family-photo_0040Riverton family photo. Family pictures with hay bales and pumpkins.Do you think they are trying to tell me they are ready to be done taking pictures? riverton-family-photo_0042