Riverton High School Senior – Karlie the Gymnast

I always will have a soft spot in my heart for Riverton High School Senior sessions, but this one was made more special because I’ve known Karlie since she was 3. Her family and my family shared a backyard fence. I used to watch her and her brothers flipping away on the tramp and now she’s all grown up and graduated. And the more of these little neighbor kids that grow up, the more old I feel. And I’m not that old! 🙂

riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0002riverton high school senior photoriverton high school senior photoriverton-high-school-senior-photo_0005riverton high school senior photoriverton-high-school-senior-photo_0007riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0008riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0009Her signature move is a handstand (and if you follow her Instagram feed, you will see it in every new place that she goes). riverton high school senior photoBut sometimes you fall because your wrists are so worn out from 15 years of gymnastics.riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0012So you plop down and laugh it off. riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0014riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0015riverton-high-school-senior-photo_0016Karlie, you’re a babe. Congratulations on surviving high school and good luck with college!