Saltair Utah First Look Bridal Session | Reggie + Juan

This is one of my new favorite bridal sessions – the combination of their wedding colors with the sand and purple mountains in the distance make me SO happy and are SO beautiful! The other half of their session was at the Draper Temple (and I’ll be sure to link it when I get it blogged… because blogging is hard sometimes) and it is also SO beautiful!

About the Couple

“Juan and I started out just as friends when he joined my company. At the time, we worked in the same division and I was his supervisor. He was only on my team for a couple of weeks before he transferred into a different department and division. One day I was leaving work and walking to my car when I ran into him, as it turned out we parked in the same parking lot. We started walking everyday together from that day forward, which is how we became good friends. Juan was different from anyone I had previously met. I could talk to him about anything, we have the same goals, passions, standards, and similar work ethics. We have a lot of things in common in regards to music, reading, and even our sense of humor. After one of our daily walks to our cars, I was trying to set up Juan with one of my friends, but Juan had a different idea. Juan told me he had feelings for me and kissed me right there in the parking lot. While I was initially surprised, I also had feelings for him and the rest is history.”

How He Asked

“Juan proposed to me on August 11th. We were supposed to be attending a “graduation party” for his family friend so he told me to dress nice. As we drove down to Orem, Juan started to act really weird and I could feel his palms sweating. I had an idea he was proposing, but I was not sure. When we got out of the car, our song started playing in the backyard. As Juan opened the gate, there were little candles guiding our way to a gazebo of twinkling lights with a sign that said “Marry Me.” Juan went full out with a bouquet of 2 dozen roses, sparkling cider, and rose petals in a heart on the ground. Dangling on a string beneath the “Marry Me” sign were pictures of us on various dates and outings. With “Kiss Me Slowly” by Parachute playing in the background, Juan took a knee to ask me to be his wife and I said YES!”

Hair and Makeup: Simply Mindy

Silk Bouquet: Magnolia and Lace

Dress: Malmrose Bridal

First look photo at Saltair Utah | Whitney Hunt Photography | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding PhotographerBridal photo at Saltair Utah | Whitney Hunt Photography | Salt Lake City Utah Wedding Photographer