Summer Salt Lake City Temple First Look | Holly + Jason

Salt Lake City Temple First Look | Holly + Jason

Holly and Jason. Originally planning a wedding for August, but then moving it up to June (because the Salt Lake Temple closes for the month of July for cleaning). 6 weeks to plan a perfect wedding. I wasn’t available for their wedding day, but I did get to take their engagements and their First Look. And I’m super behind on my blogging, so you get the First Look right now.

How They Met

When I first meet with a couple I ask for their “love story”. This is what Holly had to say about it: “Jason and I met in our singles ward at USU. I went to his men’s acappella concert where I first heard him sing. I completely melted and my friend leaned over to me saying, “You need to marry him!” So I bravely went up afterward and told him he was amazing, but that was it. The next week I sang in church and he came up to me saying, “I didn’t know you could sing, we should do a jam session together!” So we started doing music together and it just escalated from there.

“We started going out on a few dates and kind of forgot about going out with anyone else. We started officially dating after a few weeks and then after one month we decided we wanted to get married! He told me he loved me and just wanted to put a ring on my finger. So, we began to ring shop, found a beautiful ring, and then got engaged after only a month and half of dating. We’re crazy! But, when you know, you know, right?

He Put a Ring On It

“He proposed after a session at the Logan temple with only the two of us there. I love that we can be our weird selves when we’re with each other. We break out into song and quote movies nonstop. We just work so well together. I love him for his craziness and he loves me for mine. We love cereal, music, and cuddling. Life is good when we’re together.”

These two laugh so much together with (and at) each other. We had a lot of fun together on this session! And I loved seeing her in a Modest by Mon Cheri dress, because I know the designer of the dress she chose! That was an extra fun touch!

Salt Lake City Temple First Look SessionSummer Salt Lake Temple Wedding photo. Dress is Modest by Mon Cheri.Salt Lake City Temple First Look photo

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Salt lake City Temple First Look Session | Holly + Jason