Taylor + Charlie

The one aspect that stands out very most about Whitney is her desire to make anything and everything about the bride and groom! This was really important to me. During wedding planning, you will have a lot of different people telling you a lot of different opinions. So, it was a breath of fresh air to have Whitney make everything about us. She even brought cookies and water bottles for us on our wedding day to keep us going! She is down to earth, easy to work with, BEYOND TALENTED, so fast when it comes to getting pictures back, and the perfect wedding photographer! I would HIGHLY recommend Whitney to anyone. She went above and beyond for us, and we are so grateful. THANK YOU WHITNEY! We love you! We don't know what we would have done without you!

Carin + Josh

Whitney is seriously SUCH a joy to work with! I can’t say enough great things. For one, her sense of humor makes being on the other side of the camera both easy and fun! I have to be honest, at first I was worried that our first visit for engagement pictures may be a little awkward seeing as my husband and I are not used to being in front of the camera like that, much less with someone we had never met...but it totally wasn’t AT ALL! Whitney had us both laughing and having a good time right away! Secondly, on the day of the wedding she was so much more than just our photographer. She made sure everything went smoothly and as planned from making sure everyone was where they needed to be at the right time to even getting me a glass of champagne before toasts so my hands weren’t empty. I mean, that’s what I call a great photographer! ;) I could keep going, but lastly, her photographs are beyond beautiful! If I got to do it all over, I would choose Whitney again in a heartbeat!

Melanie + Chayston

There are about a million things I could say about Whitney! The whole process of preparing for the wedding and the actual wedding day can be stressful. Whitney was so incredibly helpful through it all. She stayed in touch with us throughout the whole engagement, which made me feel comfortable knowing that we weren't forgotten. She is an amazing photographer and she helped move the wedding the reception along. I will be recommending her to anyone I know!

Emily + Seamus

My favorite part of working with Whitney was how comfortable she made us feel posing and taking pictures during our engagements and bridals and the wedding day! She made us laugh and smile which made us look natural in our pictures. She is totally flexible and so fun to be around, you won’t want your sessions to end! On the wedding day she was great at getting people where they needed to be in pictures and helped so much with the fluidity of the reception. We loved working with Whitney!