Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagement Session | Marlie + Igor

Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagement Session | Marlie + Igor

I just love Instagram. It is bringing me a lot of my brides this year. It is how Marlie found me. She is friends with one of last year’s brides (Alexis) and has been following me on Instagram ever since Alex shared her pictures. When she got engaged to Igor in March, she reached out to me. Unfortunately, I was already booked for another wedding on her date, but I am so glad that she still wanted me to do her engagement and bridal/formal pictures. As well as a SUPER fun multicultural family photo of their families together a few days before the wedding. (I absolutely can not wait to share those here! They are so awesome!)


Igor is from Ukraine and he’s one of my most favorite grooms EVER. He absolutely cracks me up. Marlie served her LDS mission to Ukraine (but that isn’t where they met). After Marlie had been home from her mission, she moved from Texas to Utah to go to school. (And now that I’m trying to write this blog post out, I’m forgetting some of the details so I hope that I get their story right!) Her mission president had a reunion and Marlie went. Igor was there with some mutual friends and when he saw Marlie he tried to strike up a conversation. She was NOT impressed. Which makes me laugh. She thought he was weird and kept moving to talk to other people. And now we are at the point where I forgot what made her change her mind… but something that Igor did or said changed her impression and they started dating. Then they got engaged. And then I took their pictures.

Wasn’t that an amazing story?


But it doesn’t matter. You aren’t here for my words, you are here for the pictures. Engagement pictures in the Utah mountains never disappoint. Tibble Fork is beautiful. Busy, but beautiful. I love how green everything becomes at the beginning of June.

Marlie, YOU ARE FIRE!tibble fork reservoir engagement photo

Tibble Fork Reservoir Engagement Session | Marlie + Igor