Tunnel Springs Engagement Session | Ciara + Zander

I’d like you to meet Ciara and Zander. They are adorable so let me just tell you about them and their perfect Tunnel Springs engagement session. They met as EFY counselors last summer during the very first week. Zander had his eye on Ciara all week long and Ciara says that she had no idea who he was. (Haha!) Zander finally got brave enough to talk to Ciara and then later that evening he asked her to save him a dance that night.

So they danced and found out that they were going to be in the same sessions all summer long (which I’m told is not common). They went on their first date the next week and Zander told Ciara that he would be taking her to get ice cream. And while he did take her to eat ice cream, he instead drove her up in the mountains and had a cooler with ice cream and bowls. Ciara said, “we talked for hours and it was so much fun and so thoughtful”. Their relationship didn’t actually take off for a few more weeks when they got stuck on a roller coaster together in Six Flags. “And next thing we knew, we were in love!” said Ciara.

It had been about a year since then when Zander proposed. He took Ciara to where they first danced when they first met. There was music playing and lights hanging in the trees and according to Ciara, “it was freakin’ adorable”.

I hope you love these images as much as I do! Especially at Tunnel Springs park in North Salt Lake! This location was so popular with my 2017 brides and I’ll bet that it will be again this year! It’s so green and pretty in the early spring. Yay Utah for beautiful green springtime!

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tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photoOh, this is kind of funny – Ciara had a bad tan line from a Caribbean cruise the previous week, so I loaned her my favorite bracelets to help hide it! From JCrew and Lillian and Co.tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-phototunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0090Oh Ciara! You are FIRE!! *insert heart-eyes emoji here*tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0094tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0092tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0102tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0100tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0104tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0106tunnel-springs-engagement-utah-photo-0110