Tunnel Springs Engagement Session | Megan + Ethan

This whole blog post is going to be directly from Megan. Because she told me good stuff.

“Me and Ethan met when I was a junior and he was a senior in high school. He was going to the office, to pay a fee for his yearbook, and saw me in the lunchroom, laughing with my friends. He told his friends “I would love to go on a date with her!” One of his friends, was good friends with my sister Julie. He told her about Ethan thought I was cute. When she told me, I didn’t think much of it other than being flattered. We had a mutual friend named Lizzie who knew Ethan wanted to go on a date with me. They had math class right next to my chemistry class. Once I left class, they were both walking behind me. Ethan told Lizzie, “Wow, she’s so cute, I would love to go out with her.” Little did he know Lizzie knew me, (we were in orchestra together.) “Oh, Megan?” “You know her?!” Then Lizzie started yelling my name, and I saw Ethan run down the hall and down the stairs. As Lizzie caught up to me, “I said what happen to your friend?” “Don’t tell but he likes you, you should go on a date with him.” Everytime I saw her since then, she said hey you should go out on date with Ethan sometime. When Preference rolled around, I decided I would ask him even though I didn’t know him at all. Maybe it would make his day and we would have fun time. I asked him with a plate of sugar cookies with my name and wrote my number under the plate. It was such a fun dance, and wasn’t awkward at all. It felt like we had known each for a long time.

“After that we kept going on dates, while still dating other people. He got his mission call to South Korea, on birthday, and had everyone sing to me. Once he left on his mission, we wrote while he was in the MTC and when he first got to Korea. Then, we didn’t write much after that. (Later on after we both were home from our missions, he told me he missed me so much he needed to stay focused on the work.) I went through my senior year of high school and cosmetology school. Then worked in a salon to save up for my mission. I was called to the Nauvoo Illinois mission and also assigned to serve in the Texas Houston South mission for 7 months during the winter. Every so often, he would email asking about my mission and I would ask him about school and family but that was pretty much it. Once I came home in August, he waited a few weeks and then took me out on my first date back to the Cornmaze at Black Island farms on September 23. It was so much fun! We walked around catching up on the past three years, purposely bumping into each other, going down the slides, sitting by the fire eating kettle corn and drinking hot chocolate. Ethan always asks me to dance wherever we are and usually I’m a bit hesitant, but it’s adorable. It started pouring down rain so we went and sat in the car for three hours talking about everything and anything, it felt as though no time passed. I even surprisingly kissed him, which left him stunned because I was so new off the mission. He was so handsome and different from before. He has grown deeply in spiritual maturity and his personality was so much more outgoing but still shy in nature. I knew I wanted to marry him. At first, he would just ask me out while I was going on a few blind dates with guys, but then I decided I didn’t really want to date anyone but him. We have been together ever since. He was going to school at Utah State, and would come down every weekend to see me. As you might guess that becomes expensive, so he finished the semester, and moved back home, to work and save up money. He just lives a few minutes away from me. We spend every moment we can together.”

How He Asked

“Since I’m a cosmetologist and he works installing air conditioning units/construction, we rarely both have Saturdays off. But it just so happened we did. Before our missions, he took me on a hike through Adams Canyon. We wanted to make it up to the top but there was a lot of ice and snow, and being the clumsy girl I tend to be, I slid down the mountain, and I stratched up my legs and started crying. He scooped me up and started to carry me down the mountain until I was okay to walk again. So since then we’ve always wanted to make it to the top together. We decided to go in the early morning. Once we hiked to the main waterfall, a girl took a Polaroid picture of us and then we started to go down. At the beginning of the hike, he said don’t let me forget to show you a hidden smaller waterfall on our way back. We went down the path, him holding my hand leading me down the path. I wanted to take a picture for my sister, and he started to get down on one knee behind me. “I can’t wait to be with you forever, Megan.” “Me too, Ethan!” Totally obliviously to the situation until I turned around, “Are you for real?” “Megan, will you marry me?” Yes, of course!” I had told Ethan I always have wanted a pearl engagement ring and he picked out for me himself. It was perfect, just us.”

This is one of my very favorite engagement pictures that I have ever taken EVER.A beautiful pearl engagement ring. Tunnel Springs engagement session in Utah.Tunnel Springs Engagement Session in North Salt Lake, Utah by Whitney Hunt PhotographyOh Megan! Get out of here with your beautiful self!Tunnel Springs Engagement Session in North Salt Lake, Utah.

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Tunnel Springs Engagement Session | Megan + Ethan


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