Utah Greenhouse Engagement Session | Karly & Alfeleti

Here’s the thing: I’ve decided that I’m the worst at writing something clever for these blog posts. But something new I’ve decided try is to have my brides tell me how they met and how he proposed. And then I can share that with you!

How did you meet?

We both worked at Rocky Mountain ATV and I thought he was a player and didn’t want anything to do with him at first but I warmed up.

How did he propose?

For the proposal, his mom wanted both of our families to get together before Christmas and make ornaments… so we did. Then after we made them, Alfeleti hinted that there was another ornament in there and I looked and it said: “To Karly, Open Me.” Inside was the ring and he got down to his knee and asked me to marry him.

These two. OH THESE TWO! There are two parts to their engagement session. This is the first part. And based on the title of this post, I would hope that you know it took place in a greenhouse.

utah greenhouse engagement photoutah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0011utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0003utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0004 utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0012utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0005 utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0013utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0006 utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0014 utah greenhouse engagement photoutah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0007 utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0017utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0008I was trying to get Alfeleti to keep a straight face, but it just wasn’t working. utah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0018 utah greenhouse engagement photoutah-greenhouse-engagement-photo_0009 utah greenhouse engagement photoutah greenhouse engagement photoutah greenhouse engagement photoUtah Greenhouse Engagement Session | Karly & Alfeleti