Utah State Capitol Blossoms | Emily + Seamus

Here, once again, are Emily and Seamus. This is the second part to their anniversary/graduation session that I’ve already posted HERE. And my first time really photographing the Utah State Capitol blossoms when they are at their peak. It was VERY worth waking up early for this sunrise session without all of the crazy crowds that happen at the Capitol when the blossoms are happening. (I was also there at sunset this year and it was chalk-full of families, photographers, couples and Instagram “models”.) But in all seriousness, I totally get the hype of the blossoms now. And I will always and forever encourage anyone that wants pictures up there to do them early in the morning, without the crowds.

Utah State Capitol Blossom Engagement Session photo. Whitney Hunt Photography.Engagement session photo at the Utah State Capitol Building during the blossoms. Whitney Hunt Photography.Utah State Capitol blossom engagement photo. Whitney Hunt Photography.