Summer Utah Mountain Engagement Session | Mackenzie + Blake

The Utah mountains. Oh how we all love them! This year I’ve had to become a little more creative in my locations because of the changes that the forest service has made for photographers to work on the forest lands (expensive permits are now needed for each session that you do). So this spot has become my new go-to. And that’s just fine because it is beautiful!

Meet Mackenzie and Blake:

“Blake and I met at a mutual friends soccer game last fall (2017). I remember seeing him and immediately thinking he was cute. After the game a group of friends and us went out to pizza and we ended up sitting across from each other at the table. Destiny at its finest. Little did I know that I was sitting across from my future husband! Blake claims that he knew he was going to marry me almost immediately. As we were leaving the restaurant I was heading towards my car and Blake ran up to me and asked for my phone number. I was really excited!

“The next week we went on a date and ended up talking for hours. At the end of the date I somehow managed to lock both of us inside the BYU baseball stadium, I was so embarrassed and thought Blake would never want to go out with me again. The next few months were a little bit of a struggle with trying to get together. I’m was thinking that Blake thought I was a dork for getting us locked in a baseball stadium but in reality Blake was planning out the best way to talk to me and spending so much time and effort to find a way to see me again. Luckily the stars aligned and we ran into each other on Valentine’s Day at Chip Cookie. We were so happy to see each other because it had been a few months. After that day we’ve been inseparable.”

Mackenzie and Blake are getting married in November and I am so happy and excited for them! Just wait until you see their formal session!!

See more of their session HERE.

Summer Utah Mountain Engagement Session | Mackenzie + Blake


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