Butterfield Canyon Engagement Session | Rachel + Matt

Tindr works. Rachel and Matt are prime examples that is pays to swipe right. For their first date they went rock climbing, but spent the whole night just talking. Rachel said she couldn’t wait for their next date. She fell hard and fast too!

About the Couple

I asked Rachel to tell me about them before we met for their engagement session and this is what she said:

“We are best friends who love to be out doors, we are each other’s therapists and support. Matt takes care of me and lifts me up. He makes me better, and shows me what it really means to love someone. We love to go on runs together and have deep conversations. Together we love to hike, and travel. For a date night in, we love to watch Top Gun and eat fresh popped popcorn. Plus we can’t forget our Halo Top ice cream! We love to go sit by the pool and soak up the sun and compare tans ( I always win). We love to play games! Sometimes we have races on who can skip the fastest… Matthew is 3-0!

I am very free spirited and kind of all over the place, and Matt is grounded and organized. I help him out of his comfort zone and help him embrace his adventurous side, and he helps me make smart decisions. Matt once described it as this “You are afraid of butterflies, and I chase butterflies… you are free spirited and get me to do things I couldn’t with out you”. (Yes, she really IS afraid of butterflies!)

The Proposal

Matt proposed with the help of the couple’s new puppy Buddy. Matt had a tag engraved with “Rachel, will you marry me?” because Buddy needed a new collar. Rachel went to put the new collar on before they were set to take Buddy out for a walk, noticed the tag and found Matt down on one knee. Needless to say, she said yes!

Oh Rachel, you beauty!!


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