Memory Grove Formal Session | Capri + Connor

The very first thing that I need to say about this session is – well actually, I don’t have anything profound to say. But Capri is one of the most beautiful blonde brides that I’ve had the privilege of photographing. OK, so now that that is out of the way, this session was great. Well, at least it looks great to me. But Capri had a hair and makeup miscommunication and it just didn’t turn out to be what she wanted. Which is never how a bride wants to start a session like this. Not one with a big reveal moment. So it was a little less subdued and I hugged at the wrong moment and made it weird. But we laugh about it now. Tears then. Chuckles now.

And just to talk about Memory Grove as a location – it is one of my very favorite places for pictures. The ivy walls are what my photography dreams are made of. Which now I just went back through my blog and I don’t see a lot of posts from there. Which is weird, because I feel like I have been there a lot this year. I guess I haven’t blogged them yet! I know I haven’t gotten to a lot of stuff… and lots blogging in the middle of wedding season is not something that I really want to give my time to. It’s a hard balance between running a business and being a mom and working all day and playing with my girls. But wow! Talking about that is NOT why you are here! Stop reading this dribble! Let’s get to the pictures.

Dress: Something Borrowed Bridals

Memory Grove Formal Session (and Salt Lake Temple Formal Session) | Capri + Connor


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