Summer Alta Lodge Wedding | Kimberly + Tyler

Another Alta Lodge wedding on my blog. And every time they happen I am so incredibly grateful. I love working up there! I want tell you a little bit about Kimberly and Tyler before we get to the picture overload (I can’t help myself. Their day was awesome.). So here are the important things – directly from Kimberly:

How They Met

Tyler originally lived over two hours away from the small town that I was born and raised in. He is a fireman and moved to my small town, McAlester, Oklahoma, to get on a smaller fire department. The first time we met was at a fire station. We met through a mutual friend who was at the same fire department as Tyler. I was hesitant as I had a little girl, but Tyler was persistent. After meeting him just one time, Kennedi fell in love with him. He had told me he was eventually moving back to his hometown, so we were a little nervous. We found out that we were going to have a baby, then three months later he got a job offer from the department of his dreams. So, we packed up and moved with him. We lived with his parents while we searched for a home. He was in an academy that lasted seven weeks. In that time, I started looking for a school for our daughter and a house. Tyler truly loves his job, so all things fire and fire fighting have been a huge part of our relationship.

How He Asked

At his fire recruit graduation, once the graduation was over, his recruit class was all on stage taking class pictures and I was pulled up there with him. It was there that Tyler got down on one knee and made my dreams come true! Right after he asked me to marry him, he went straight to Kennedi and presented her with a heart necklace that read “Can I be your forever daddy?” He shed some tears, and Kennedi just held him and wouldn’t let him go. All at once we were preparing for a baby, moved towns, we were searching for a home and a school, and starting to plan a wedding. It was definitely an exciting time of our lives. I can’t imagine going through such an eventful period without my best friend.

Them Together

Our family is most important to us; Kennedi and Blakely are our pride and joy and we are beyond delighted to officially come together as one. We spend almost all of our time together as a family. We love to go golf as a family and we do it often. I drive the golf cart, Tyler golfs, Kennedi dances around the greens and Blakely climbs all over the cart. Golfing creates some of our best memories with our kids. When we do have time together without the kids, we enjoy going to the theater for a new movie. We love making a small fire and hanging out on the back porch. One of our favorites is to get the opportunity to go hunting together in the fall. We love being outdoors, which is why we decided that a destination wedding and getting married in the mountains was perfect for us.Kimberly shared a First Look moment with her dad. And it was SUPER sweet!This picture is SO sweet! The bride’s brother is also a pastor, so he was the officiant. And just look at the way all of the men in her life look at her! (Even her sweet nephew peeking too.)A daddy-daughter dance to “I Don’t Need Anything But You” from Annie.The bride changed into a white romper so that she could enjoy her time on the dance floor without worrying about stepping all over the train of her dress.And a bubble send-off at the end!

Venue: Alta Lodge

Dress: Alfred Angelo

Flowers: The Art Floral

Cake: Cakes de Fleur


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